Becoming the BO$$ is never easy! That is why I take all the guessing work out of the equation and answer just about everything there is to worry about when looking to start your own hair extensions company. Here is breakdown of everything "BO$$ UP or SIT DOWN" covers in detail:

  1. How to choose a name for your Business
  2. How to Incorporate your Business
  3. How to Choose a Logo for your Company
  4. How much money is required to Start Up your Company
  5. Is it better to sell processed or raw hair
  6. How to find a hair vendor & How to determine if they are of quality
  7. How much inventory is needed to launch a hair company
  8. How to choose the right packaging for your brand
  9. How to price your product and make a profit
  10. How to build your own Website
  11. All about Payment Gateways
  12. Shipping Couriers and Custom Fees
  13. Chargebacks & Fraud
  14. Taxes, Book Keeping & How to Pay Yourself
  15. Creating a Business Strategy/ Goals
  16. Knowing your Market/ Competitors
  17. The importance of Marketing
  18. How to increase your social media following
  19. Importance of knowing your target audience
  20. How to get a Business Loan
  21. Importance of Business Credit

Also hidden in this reading are a bunch of free secret business tips that I use to run my business on a daily. I give away so much information in this novel because I believe in passing the torch. There’s enough room in this world for all of us to get the financial freedom that we deserve. Once you finish reading this 55 page book I know you will for sure be ready to conquer this hair industry head on!  

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