Raw Indian hair company raw Cambodian hair raw Burmese curly hairAbout Intense Beauté

Intense Beauté® | Pronounced Intense Beauty | established in 2016, is a virgin hair extensions and lifestyle company. We offer 100% Pure Raw & Virgin Extensions, lace frontals, lace closures and clip-in extensions! We know everyone women is different therefore everyones hair needs will differ so we pride ourselves on providing 6 different hair textures to satisfy every girl and their unique hair needs. Hair provided is derived from Vietnam, India, Cambodia and Burma. All can be colored, curled, or straightened as you would your own natural hair. Our hair is ideal for sew-ins, wig-making or just for adding fullness to your already gorgeous tresses with many of our clip-in textures! With us it’s not only just about the hair its about the experience. That is why our packaging is also of Luxury which makes our unboxing experience one that cannot be matched!

Raw Indian hair company raw Cambodian hair raw Burmese curly hair
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110 Hilton Ave, Vauxhall NJ 07088

Phone: 908-557-5246


Sun-Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 10:00am-6:00pm

Wednesday- 10:00am-7:00pm

Thursday-Saturday- 10:00am-6:00pm

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers an exclusive, world class hair extensions purchase and brand experience. Intense Beauté believes in creating the ambiance of affordable luxury. We want everyone to have a taste of the elite high-touch, high-quality Intense Beauté lifestyle. Our name and brand comes with a higher caliber that we aim to live up to. We have taken our time to cultivate a brand that you can proudly support and tell others that you are wearing. We are for the ladies who want to feel good and look good; who are not afraid to pamper themselves every now and then.

Raw Indian hair company raw Cambodian hair raw Burmese curly hair
Our Principles 
Intense Beauté® was founded on four values that we believe in strongly.

  • Customer Service
  • Authenticity
  • Product Knowledge
  • Woman Empowerment
  1. Customer Service: Maintaining a level of respect with our customers is our first priority. The Intense Beauté team is always available to walk you through our website, help you understand our product lines, and make sure you make the best selection before purchasing your hair extensions.
  2. Authenticity: The hair business is a serious business and online buying can be a scary, overwhelming experience. Because of this we want to instill a level of integrity and trust in our customers. Intense Beauté vows to source only authentic virgin hair from Southeast Asia and other exclusive countries around the world that specializes in high quality hair.
  3. Product Knowledge: We value your business so we make it our mission to research, test and keep a steady progression in the quality of all the products we offer first before we release it to our customers.
  4. Woman Empowerment: A “MtrlGirl” is classified as a woman who does not take “NO” as an answer. She sets her goals to such a high standard which forces her to grow as a person in order to achieve them. We hope this message resonates with our customers because it is what we believe in.


About MtrlGirl

Based out of New Jersey, Atiyah McDaniels is the Founder and CEO of Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl®, a virgin hair extensions, and lifestyle company.

Tired of living the party lifestyle, the CEO decided to make a lifestyle change. Taking a chance on herself, Atiyah dropped out of college in 2016 and launched Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl®. In one short year, she built the home-based business into a six-figure company.

Starting a Hair Extension Company is easier than you think! But once you launch a company then what? How can you profit? How do you keep the momentum going? Discover how Atiyah did it and how you can too with her book Change Your Mindset Change Your Life available on her website. Click the photo below to be taken to the website to purchase a copy of her book. 

Mompreneur. Business Coach. Author. Atiyah McDaniels has constructed a brand focused on helping women of all demographics achieve their business goals over the last three years. She is currently focused on globally expanding Intense Beauté by MtrlGirl®.