About Intense Beauté
Intense Beauté® | Pronounced Intense Beau-ty | is a virgin hair extensions and lifestyle company. We offer 100% Pure Raw Hair Extensions as well as Processed Premium Virgin straight and curly hair textures, lace frontals, silk-based, lace closures and Full Lace Wigs. Our hair is of higher and longer lasting quality than other virgin hair companies. Hair provided by us can be colored, curled, or straightened as you would your own natural hair. Our hair is ideal for sew-ins and wig-making. We believe in versatility and flexibility when it comes to protective styling for personal hair growth. Our packaging is also of Luxury like no other which makes our unboxing experience one that cannot be matched

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers an exclusive, world class hair extensions purchase and brand experience. Intense Beauté believes in creating the ambiance of affordable luxury. We want everyone to have a taste of the elite high-touch, high-quality Intense Beauté lifestyle. Our name and brand comes with a higher caliber that we aim to live up to. We have taken our time to cultivate a brand that you can proudly support and tell others that you are wearing. We are for the ladies who want to feel good and look good; who are not afraid to pamper themselves every now and then.

Our Principles 
Intense Beauté® was founded on four values that we believe in strongly.

  • Customer Service
  • Authenticity
  • Product Knowledge
  • Woman Empowerment
  1. Customer Service: Maintaining a level of respect with our customers is our first priority. The Intense Beauté team is always available to walk you through our website, help you understand our product lines, and make sure you make the best selection before purchasing your hair extensions.
  2. Authenticity: The hair business is a serious business and online buying can be a scary, overwhelming experience. Because of this we want to instill a level of integrity and trust in our customers. Intense Beauté vows to source only authentic virgin hair from Southeast Asia and other exclusive countries around the world that specializes in high quality hair.
  3. Product Knowledge: We value your business so we make it our mission to research, test and keep a steady progression in the quality of all the products we offer first before we release it to our customers.
  4. Woman Empowerment: A “MtrlGirl” is classified as a woman who does not take “NO” as an answer. She sets her goals to such a high standard which forces her to grow as a person in order to achieve them. We hope this message resonates with our customers because it is what we believe in.


About MtrlGirl
MtrlGirl®, born Atiyah McDaniels, is the Founder & CEO of Intense Beauté, a virgin hair extensions and lifestyle company. Raised in New Jersey, MtrlGirl grew up being her mothers only child. Entrepreneurship was always one of her goals and strengths, but as a young adult her other interests (such as partying, shopping, and hanging out with friends) took up most of her time and money. After five years of neglecting her calling of being her own boss, she finally mustered up the courage to launch Intense Beauté®.

Leading up to launching, she sourced and vetted multiple vendors testing for shedding, hair texture quality, curl longevity post processing, tangling and matting. Six months to a year into testing, MtrlGirl finally found the perfect hair vendor for her customers. After selecting her vendor, the next step was to find the perfect name to fit her company’s mission of promoting self acceptance and self awareness to women. During the trademarking process, she stumbled upon the words “intense beauty.” After reading the words together out loud, she realized she had found her company name. To be unique, she used the French term for beauty and thus, Intense Beauté was born.

MtrlGirl then worked on the logistics of starting the company and finally launched in September of 2016. During her pre-launch phase, she released her first ebook “MtrlGirl’s Guide To Longer, Healthier Hair”, in which she gave her personal hair growth tips that allowed her to obtain waist length hair. The book was received positively by supporters and customers.

MtrlGirl’s hope for the Intense Beauté brand is to see it grow and become a leading virgin hair establishment in the hair extensions industry.